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From glimmering coast lines to dark forests, burning desert sands to wintry mountains, Australi is a land of raw beauty and no easy feat for any adventurer to explore. If the stinging winds, blistering heat or tangling flora don't find you, the creatures who live there will. Australi is abundant with giant animals. If you've never seen a thirty foot long goanna it won't take long, you just better hope its already eaten.

Join the adventure of Australi, a fantasy tale of danger and mystery. But BEWARE, for here be pirates, giant animals and dark magic. One boy, Maloo of the desert, is prophesised to save Australi and its people from a dark force. An ancient being, shrouded in arcane magic, stowed away in the cargo of the great empires ships, lying in wait for its moment to take revenge upon Australi.

Maloo must unify the Great Spirit Animals that bind the fabric of Australi together. But in their time of weakness, as the lands wilt and fade, it’s hard to find strength against a foe as old as time itself. The Lion.

Australi is a setting unexplored by adventurers and readers alike. If you love AVATAR: The Last Airbender, Jedi, steam machines, magic and sprawling adventure tales, you will LOVE Australi.

Growing up alone on a camel station in the middle of the desert is tough... but not as tough as escaping the musters from whom who've just stolen a giant gem stone. Maloo just wants to sell the stone, become wealthy and find his people, is that too much to ask for? It is when you have just set forth a prophecy to save Australi from sure destruction. On the run from the clutches of Prince Massgrave, poachers, bounty hunters and pirates, Maloo must accept the prophecy set before him or find a way out quick.

On the surface Prince Massgrave is a shining example of the iron jawed British Empire. He's ruthless, intelligent and cunning. But behind the stone face of a royal monarch is a man obsessed with arcane magic. An ancient artifact, the head of a lion, whispers of a prophecy in which Massgrave will be king of Australi and all of Brittains colonies. Enchanted by the promise of power, Prince will stop at nothing to end a counter prophecy that threatens his constricting grip upon Australi.

Australi is filled with characters to hate and love. Such as the Paperbark Mountain Guardians. A deeply mysterious people as old as the mountain itself. They alone watch the prophecy and protect their Spirit Animals from harm. They keep a watchful eye over Maloo despite not wanting to believe he is the hero they need. With the land wilting around them and the Spirit Animals beginning to die they might have to leave the safety of the mountain and attack the problem head on.

Out to get Maloo is a brother sister duo of bounty hunters, the Brimbles. Obsessed with poaching giant animals the chance to come to a new land filled with such creatures was far too good to pass up. Hired to find Maloo they will stop at nothing to secure such a handsome payday. But even for such seasoned hunters the harsh lands of Australi are not so safely traversed.

Australi Volume One

Volume ONE Kickstarts on Februray 24th!

Hey everyone,

We’re super excited to announce the launch of our campaign for Volume One of Australi. On February 24th we will be live on Kickstarter. We need 1000 backers with a funding goal of $65,000 USD.

We were overwhelmed with the support on our last campaign and have listened to what you want for the future of Australi. Volume One is bigger, better and more adventurous than ever! If you liked issue #1 then you will love where this epic tale is going.

Australi needs your help to raise awareness and support to make it happen. So spread the word and share the adventure of Maloo with your friends and family. You can get Issue #1 here.

- Timothy R. Wood (Author)

Volume ONE features:

  • 200 Pages
  • Issues 1 — 6 (32 pages each)
  • $75 AUD / $55 USD
  • Free Shipping World Wide
  • Foil Print Cover
  • Highest Quality Paper


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With Respect

Australi was created to celebrate the heritage of Australia and the First Nations' Peoples. This story is not their story, but an attempt to capture its spirit. The team consulted throughout with Indigenous artists, community figures and cultural centres and firmly believe what has been hidden, now needs to be seen. To know, to celebrate and to honour.

Australi is possible due to the following people.

Illustrated By

  • Pius Bak

Written By

  • Timothy R. Wood

Produced By

  • Tomas Wanke
  • Hamish Ludbrook

Graphic Design By

  • Ellysha Mill


Executive Producers

  • Clint Steele
  • Bryan Wood

Special Thanks To

  • Chandra Jessee
  • Miles Greb
  • Legends of The Panel
  • Kevin Roberts
  • Geek Trench
  • Jan "Kiwi" Kivisaar
  • Vanessa Papastravos

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